Web Videos for CEPro & Electronic House - Video Production by John Brune

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2012 Videos

LUTRON interview

Lutron's Melissa Andresko shows some crazy new designs for motorized shades at CEDIA Expo 2012. (2.5 minutes)

MONSTER interview

CEPro visits MONSTER to talk about the Clarity HD model 1 at CEDIA Expo 2012. (5 minutes)

RUSSOUND interview

CEPro visits Russound to understand more about speakers and speaker grills at CEDIA Expo 2012. (3.5 minutes)


Cat Toomey walks us through the Total Control IP-based whole-house audio/video/control system at CEDIA Expo 2012. (5 minutes)

SAVANT interview

Jim Carroll of Savant Systems explains at CEDIA Expo 2012 how the LiteTouch acquisition fits into the Savant business. New lighting controls and thermostats round out the Savant home automation ecosystem. (3.5 minutes)

AUTONOMIC interview

Autonomic Controls is the first company in the custom channel to implement Ultraviolet, as the company demonstrates here. Autonomic also launched at CEDIA Expo 2012 its first line of multizone amps, putting the company into the multiroom audio business. (3.5 minutes)


Extra Vegetables demonstrates integration of My Movies with Control4 home automation system at CEDIA Expo 2012. (5 minutes)


Introduced at CEDIA Expo 2012, the VDV MapMaster 2.0 tests voice, data and video cables in one handheld device, combining cable length measurement with continuity testing, mapping, and tone generator functions into a single unit. (7 minutes)

IC REALTIME interview

IC Realtime, the leading CCTV surveillance company in the CE Pro channel, introduced at CEDIA Expo 2012 new software for Apple. The company had Mac software before, but the new version works natively. (4 minutes)

OMNIMOUNT interview

Omnimount's Erick Valkinburg demonstrates new wall mounts for your flat screen TV including a model designed for iPads at CEDIA Expo 2012. (4 minutes)

2011 Videos


Electronic House magazine takes a closer look at Universal Remote products with Jon Seinkeiwicz and we get to see a demo of their new waterproof unit! (3 minutes)


CEPro magazine speaks with Tom Barnett from Kaleidescape about the new iPad app that allows you to control Kaleidescape's in home Blu-Ray server. (4 minutes)


Electronic House magazine visits with Michael Bridwell of Digital Projection to learn more about the D-Vision Scope 1080 video projector that projects video in native 2.35:1. (3 minutes)


Electronic House magazine visits with Sandy Gross from GoldenEar Technology about new designs in bookshelf speakers. (4.5 minutes)

LUTRON interview

CEPro magazine speaks with Michael Smith from Lutron Electronics about wireless home controllers for everything from temperature to windowshades! (3.5 minutes)

OMNIMOUNT interview

Electronic House magazine is on-hand to watch Erick Valkinburg from OmniMount assemble the Parkview entertainment cabinet in less than 2 minutes! (2.5 minutes)


Electronic House magazine speaks with Tom Evans from Sharp/Pioneer Elite about their new 60" and 70" LCD monitors. (4.5 minutes)

SAMSUNG interview

Electronic House magazine visits Stuart Stillwell of Samsung to discuss navigating the Smart Hub's "Search" and "Your Video" functions! (3.5 minutes)

SIM2 interview

CEPro magazine speaks with Alberto Fabiano of SIM2 Multimedia about the new Nero 235 native 2.35:1 LCD projector! (3.5 minutes)

THX interview

Electronic House magazine chats with Tim Alessi of LG and John Dahl of THX about the engineering of the new 3D LG THX monitors available now ! (5.5 minutes)

HAI interview

CEPro magazine speaks with Jay McLellan of HAI about MicroControl technology and the Hi-fi 2 audio control system! (4 minutes)