Peg Perego - Video Production by John Brune

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GATOR (demo)

Elliot makes the Gator (from Peg Perego) look like a lot of fun! I wish I was his size so I could zip around in one of these. He was hard to keep up with because he's so good at driving. (1 minute)

GATOR 6X4 (demo)

Elliot and Misa ride the new Gator 6x4 24-volt and demonstrate its massive cargo capacity. The back yard and beyond is their domain now! (1 minute)


The Sling Shot is a great and fun vehicle but the motorized version for kids is just as fun with two speeds, including reverse. This video is almost like a live-action comic book. The smile on their faces says it all ! (1 minute)

GAUCHO (demo)

The Gaucho is an electronic car from Peg Perego modeled after the original in almost every way--except this one if for kids and it really makes easy work moving them around at fun & safe speeds (1 minute)

RZR (demo)

Modeled after the real RZR off-road vehicles this electronic car comes in several colors and designs and whisks the kiddos anywhere they wish. When they race it makes for challenging Steadicam, to say the least! (1 minute)


The Sportsman from Peg Perego boasts 2 speeds plus reverse and these kids used it to their advantage while I chased them around with a Steadicam. Great fun! (1 minute)


The Ground Force vehicle from Peg Perego looks just like its John Deere counterpart and functions like it in many ways--with removable trailer and working radio. (1 minute)


The Ground Loader is a John Deere electronic car from Peg Perego with 2 speeds and a remarkable action scoop for picking up and hauling loads anywhere your kids need it. (1 minute)


Not only does the Santa Fe Train go around on a circular track it has a figure 8 track as well and can move around the living room without a track, too! (1 minute)

SLINGSHOT Training (instruction)

Instruction video for unpacking and assembling the Slingshot motorized vehicle and decal detailing.
(7 minutes)

TEAM Stroller Training (instruction)

Instruction video on setting up and adjusting the multiple combinations the TEAM Stroller offers--including the dual adapter. (10 minutes)

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