My name is John Brune. I am a self-employed freelance videographer/editor. "The Choice" is a film that was originally intended to be entered into a 27 hour long filmmaking contest. The script for it was only four pages long so the design of it was simple and efficient from the very beginning. I modeled the main character after my thirteen year old daughter Jackie. So my family and I spent the better part of a sunny May weekend running through several dark forests with a camera and a lot of equipment near Decatur, Indiana--which is where my oldest brother happens to own The Old 27 Ice Cream Shop‎ -- the sponsor of the film contest.

I regularly create marketing and web videos for various companies and clients. I'm a filmmaker at heart and study every aspect of cinematography (digital and film). I have shot and edited over 2000 television commercials, over 100 television programs, and countless other videos.

I love to move the camera as quickly and as stylistically as possible. I also try to embellish the final product with as much animation and graphics as I can. But when I wrote and began producing "The Choice" I chose to shoot and edit everything as straightforward as possible. I decided that my normal "showy" technique would take away from the story.

We filmed "The Choice" on Friday, May 24, and Sunday, May 26 2013. Everything went smoothly. At age 47 I didn't know I still had it in me to run full speed through a forest with a Steadicam strapped to my body. The experience was exhilarating! I normally use a jib for lots of crazy angles but this time I utilized it for one shot: establishing the Ice Cream Shop. I also chose to shoot as much of this movie as possible with a single lens for the Sony NEX FS-100 camera--an 18-55mm zoom. There were two particular shots in the forest where I used a GoPro on the end of a long pole. And for one setup I changed to the long end of an 18-200mm zoom. We had access to private motorcycle trails and a beautiful open field. Upon seeing the field I knew that the sequence for Jackie finding the table and chairs would be filmed there. And we couldn't have gotten better weather!

I asked a lot from my daughter and honestly I expected only so much from a first time child actor. But Jackie always gave it 100% and there was absolute consistency from take to take -- as good as any professional actor I have ever worked with. I am very proud of her! Almost all of the feedback I get about "The Choice" is about my daughter's performance.

My son, Jeremy, was key grip and tirelessly assisted me through all the mud, the green screen, and every aspect of the shoot. My wife, Jodie, kept the water bottles flowing, the mosquito repellent spraying, and made sure we had somewhat unmelted ice cream for the special shots.

I edited and graded "The Choice" on AVID Media Composer, used Boris Continuum Complete for visual effects, and Kinemac for the final animation and title. The film debuted at the first annual "Old 27 Film Festival" on June 8th to a wonderful crowd. I encourage you to check it out for yourself. It's only four and a half minutes long!

To view "The Choice" click here: The Choice.

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