*Email acknowledgement that you have read and accept the prices & terms on this page is required in advance of any work performed.

Filming: $60.00 per hour. After 10 hours in one day the rate becomes $90.00 per hour.

Day rate: $500.00 = 10 hour day (includes 2 HD cameras, lighting, and sound) Any filming 60 miles or more from Fort Wayne, Indiana will be charged the day rate. After 10 hours the rate becomes $90.00 per hour.

SD card (recording media): $30.00 each per camera (some shoots require multiple cameras)

Editing: $60.00 per hour (for 24-hour priority turnaround - $90.00 per hour)

*All finished videos will be watermarked with my logo until payment for services is received.

Mileage: $ .45 per mile.

Invoices must be paid within 15 days of issue

Overnight hotel accommodations (if required): $120.00 per night.

Sound recordist required for recording audio of more than 2 people at a time -- additional expense of $60.00 per hour.

DVD-R duplicates (with artwork) of finished client videos -- $5.00 per DVD.
Produced with paper labels/customized artwork AND non-smear ink; paper envelope or slim jewel case only -- (up to 200 max.)

Call (260) 485-2604
or email steadicamjr@yahoo.com
for an estimate

All rates are subject to change without notice.

I do not rent equipment.

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