John Brune Digital Video Production - Samples of Manufacturing Videos

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FORMULA BOATS (manufacturing overview)

See what goes into the performance boats of the world's leading manufacturer of luxury watercraft!

PPG (corporate overview videos)

Series of manufacturing videos about leading auto parts coating supplier. Factory footage captured in multiple U.S. locations with jib and Steadicam. Animation is employed to link all locations to the company website.

DTE (manufacturing overview)

In-depth look at DTE manufacturing processes and service offerings.

PEG PEREGO (toy assembly overview)

The complete line of John Deere motorized toys are the subject of this very detailed video about the manufacturing process

APR Fire Tanks (trade show loop)

This trade show loop video plays behind the scenes footage of company ingenuity and expertise. The rock music soundtrack was added at the request of the client. (3 minutes)

SUMMIT EMS (Corporate Image Video)

My good friend Joe Collins asked me to shoot this industrial video for him because he had his hands full producing and editing it. This electronics facility is located in Logansport, Indiana and it was fun to walk the Steadicam through it all. Edited by Joe Collins. (3 minutes)

AMES RESEARCH LABORATORIES (trade show product demo)

Welcome to a Do It Best product expo with product demonstrations of Ames Research rubber roofing products! A single Steadicam shot captures the bulk of the presentation. (9 minutes)

AUTOCAR 'ALWAYS UP' (corporate image video)

Garbage truck manufacturer Autocar introduces us to their entire line of service vehicles and we see firsthand the processes at work in their Hagerstown, Indiana factory. (6 minutes)

INDIANA VINO VERITAS (trailer for documentary)

This is the extended trailer for the new documentary from Escape Route Flix about Indiana Wine and the history of American wine. Over 26 winery owners interviewed and the history of John James Dufour is revealed. (6.5 minutes)

DEDRICK TOOL & DIE (:30 TV commercial)

I spent several hours at this wonderful tool and die shop in Bluffton, Indiana with tons of complex machinery. This spot combines moving camera, action, and fun compositions. Victor Locke is the announcer.


I shot and edited this tv station promo/commercial sponsoring Indiana Fiber Recycling. It's simple use of broll (steadicam/slow shutter) and music makes it worth seeing again and again.

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