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STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (public service announcement)

We spent an entire night filming in my kitchen and living room for this PSA I wrote, directed, and edited. My sister-in-law, my niece, and my friend Allen Etter star. Shot on 16mm film by Kevin Bassett. (Emmy Award winner)

ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD (public service announcement)

This commercial was inspired by actual events and was executed in a single take using a jib and dolly. Actual firefighters and police assisted in the production, which took about two and a half hours to light and shoot. Special thanks to Ty Black and Derek Edgar. (Emmy Award winner)

FORT WAYNE KOMETS (:30 commercials)

Two commercials for the Fort Wayne Komets Hockey league. These ads were produced on Betacam videotape and featured hand-built props and live practical effects--special thanks to Steve Ford and Fort Wayne Memorial Coliseum.

TAKE A NEW DIRECTION (:30 public service announcement)

PSA I wrote, directed and edited for a local runaway shelter. Shot entirely in Warsaw, Indiana on 16mm film by Kevin Bassett this piece exploits locales in an excellent way. Nominated for an Emmy Award in 1994.

STAIN & STENCIL (:60 commercial)

Capturing the process of customers making their own signs and art while relaxing with friends, enjoying drinks, and being creative. Steadicam was essential for capturing the action efficiently.

GERBER FURNITURE (:30 commercial)

I was able to have the freedom of a moving camera and not have to worry about graphics being composited over it later.


3D graphics help enhance the theme of the commercial and they overlay seamlessly with the on-camera action.


TV and web commercial for Grabill Family Dentistry emphasizing home town and high tech. The entire staff assisted us during the shoot and made it easy and fun.

VOODOO BBQ AND GRILL (:60 YELP commercial)

Shot and edited in one day this spot touches on all the tasty and important aspects of Voodoo BBQ and Grill in New Haven, Indiana.


First spot in a series of successful campaign ads for Dave Heine. Shot in and around New Haven, Indiana in a 5 hour time span.


Dr. Joel Johnson introduces the services of their dental practice with flowing shots of the facility and warm, friendly smiles.

SPIECE (:60 YELP commercial)

Highlighting all the space and amenities of this fitness facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Solid testimonials and matching b-roll make for a simple and effective ad.


This commercial demonstrates how great lighting and a carefully planned moving camera can really draw the viewer in. Shot over the course of a single day at multiple locations from early morning to sunset.

DIGNITY MEMORIAL (:30 commercial)

Straightforward portrayal of all walks of life and funeral planning.

THE ALLERGY & ASTHMA CENTER (:30 commercial)

It amazes me sometimes that so much can be squeezed into 30 seconds. This spot was extremely challenging because I really wanted to make the viewer an active participant. This was mostly achieved with the Steadicam.


This concept spot features the physical performances of several top Fort Wayne, Indiana athletes and with the exception of 2 shots it was realized entirely in a studio against a black background.

CONCORD VILLAGE (:30 commercial)

Shooting this commercial was great fun. We had direct access to the entire facility. It was an exhaustive day but everything we shot ended up onscreen. Every time it airs I'm delighted to see how well it works.

NICHOLAS' HOUSE (:60 commercial)

This is a proof-of-concept commercial for Nicholas' House, which is an alternative care facility for working parents to bring their special-needs children of any age.

GIG--LET'S GET DOWN! (:30 commercial)

Here are 2 of my favorite actors! This commercial was such fun to shoot. The writer/producer, Al Crain, was brilliant and a joy to collaborate with on this. One of my favorite editing experiences on a commercial.

CHAPPEL'S CORAL GRILL (:30 commercial)

This Fort Wayne, IN restaurant not only has the best seafood in Indiana it is one of the most beautiful to dine in. We were always on the move... and very well fed! This is one of the first commercials I extensively used a jib on....and it really shows off the space.

EXPANETS OF INDIANA (:30 commercial)

In this concept ad we pulled off each shot in one take--the longer shot was timed over ten minutes and shot with a slow shutter (sped up in post), while extras paced back and forth to achieve the busy appearance of a hallway.

DO IT BEST - PAINTIN' DAYS (:30 commercial)

To be able to create a regional spot for a nationally-recognized company like Do It Best is really fun. The crew and I were given complete access to a new store for an entire day--with a cast of a dozen extras. This spot is a wonderful mix of Steadicam & Jib shots.


This delightful commercial was shot on a very cold December day. I didn't get to read the script until the camera was ready to roll so in my mind this commercial is a true testament to improvisational camera work. This a refreshing departure from the usual holiday fare.

GENERAL CREDIT UNION (:30 commercial)

Shot in a single day with multiple actors and multiple locations around Fort Wayne, Indiana, this commercial was very complex. The combination of meticulous lighting and editing (as well as smooth dolly moves and Steadicam!) is why I got into video production in the first place.

DR. SCHEELE & ASSOCIATES (:30 commercial)

Dr. Robert Scheele is one of those rare medical professionals that embraces new technology and he welcomed the crew with open arms. He scheduled all the patients who appear in the spot (and entire campaign) and understood all the logistics.

InTouch SALON SPA (:30 commercial)

This is a beautiful marriage of graphics and imagery! All camera movement was achieved with the Steadicam. All of the employees at the salon were great to work with.

RAYMOND JAMES (:30 commercial)

This commercial required a marathon 2-day shoot at multiple locations. The Steadicam was key to making every setup efficient and fun. Gorgeous weather and a great cast of extras made this project great. The jingle was produced by Sweetwater Sound.


The crew and I could film anywhere we wanted to in this museum in Auburn, Indiana. It's rare to see so much effort go into a local PSA--such projects are usually just slapped together by TV stations--but the client really wanted a great spot.

GOODWILL (:30 commercial)

I loved the idea of a commercial that could generate so much positive energy about a Goodwill store! This one does just that and was shot almost entirely from a jib. Real customers were recruited to be on camera. I'm willing to bet it's the highest-energy spot a Goodwill store has ever had.

DEDRICK TOOL & DIE (:30 commercial)

I spent several hours at this wonderful tool and die shop in Bluffton, Indiana with tons of complex machinery. This spot combines moving camera, action, and fun compositions. Victor Locke is the announcer.


I shot and edited this tv station promo/commercial sponsoring Indiana Fiber Recycling. It's simple use of broll (steadicam/slow shutter) and music makes it worth seeing again and again.


This PSA became a pet project for me because I wanted to make it exciting and fresh instead of 30 seconds of fonts and dull music. The visuals and music speak first rate.

WWII VICTORY MUSEUM (:30 commercial)

With a terrific pre-produced audio track by my friend Al Crain I was turned loose in this huge and amazing museum in Auburn, Indiana to promote their exclusive collection of World War II memorabilia.


The original idea for this commercial was for the camera to enter the building and go into an apartment in one shot, but instead we get to see the layout of the building and a variety of apartment styles. It closes with the Three Rivers Festival fireworks, which is a nice touch.

14/69 AUTO WASH (:30 commercial)

The opening shot of this commercial is made more powerful by using the jib. The client had never really experienced a commercial production like this one. This is the cleanest garage I've ever filmed in & the employees bent over backwards to accommodate us.

A R PORT A STOR (:30 commercial)

A different camera technique is employed for each portion of this commercial--Handheld for the first, Steadicam for the second, and Jib for the third. Each technique fits each situation perfectly. The actors are colleagues and they all did a great job!

CONCEPT AUDIO (:30 commercial)

Great example of what fast editing and kinetic camerawork can achieve for a local business advertisement. The store and its employees helped out immensely by moving displays and assisting with lighting/props.

ULTRAZONE FORT WAYNE (:30 commercial)

Television commercial from 1995 and one of the first ads I ever cut together with an AVID. Suit up and battle the forces of darkness with this fun, action-based laser tag ad. Fun time in dark corridors under black light with the Steadicam!

PRO MOW (:30 commercial)

Pro Mow is a grass mowing system that attaches to your tractor or garden tractor and it cuts a wide swath of grass to help reduce mowing time for large properties. This commercial utilizes the motion of Steadicam to vividly illustrate in just a few shots how this system works.

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