John Brune Digital Video Production -- Samples of my Work

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Examples of videos showing the intense and finite processes of manufacturing. Featuring high-end boats to turbine and electronics processing.


Examples of videos demonstrating product use and function both in the field and in controlled environments.

INDIANA SUPER ACHIEVERS (weekly television program)

Important business and community leaders are interviewed by college graduates to tell their personal stories and what paths they have chosen to become inspiring leaders and executives

YES! BEAT LIVER TUMORS (survivor & conference videos)

A continuing series of videos for Yes! Beat Liver Tumors. Videos represent survivors and doctors attending each conference with on-camera testimonials, montage segments, and messages of hope!


This is the gallery of my best 30 and 60-second television and web commercials--from the dramatic & informative to the light-hearted & entertaining.

DECATUR, INDIANA (proposal and image videos)

My home town of Decatur, Indiana - a finalist in the Stellar Communities initiative as well as a wonderful small midwestern community - hired me to create these impactful videos in the summer and fall of 2014. Many interviews with town leaders, business owners are featured.

ART & SOUL OF THE CITY (weekly tv show)

This weekly program showcased music and spoken word talent from across the midwest region "Art & Soul of the City" lets you get to know your favorite performer and see them perform. (commercial free versions -- 21 minutes each)

Ronald McDonald House Charities - (fundraising videos)

Fundraising videos for the Ronald McDonald House Charities (Fort Wayne Parkview location) that have helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for this amazing organization

Methodist Hospital (treatment info videos)

Series of videos regarding the treatment options offered by Methodist Hospital in Dallas, TX for cancer--including SIRT (Selective Internal Radiation Therapy) (3 minutes each)

INDIANA VINO VERITAS (trailer for documentary)

This is the extended trailer for the new documentary from Escape Route Flix about Indiana Wine and the history of American wine. Over 26 winery owners interviewed and the history of John James Dufour is revealed. (6.5 minutes)

WHY STURGIS? (feature-length documentary)

This is the trailer for a 90 minute documentary produced by Martin Schliessmann and I. It's the first historical account of Sturgis, South Dakota, and tells the history of the world-famous motorcycle rally hosted there each August. (trailer is 2.5 minutes)

SCARED STRAIGHT REVISITED (broadcast documentary)

OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE WARNING!! This is a local followup documentary to the popular Scared Straight program from the 1970's. This full uncensored program aired only once in 1996 on WPTA-TV in Fort Wayne, but won a Regional Emmy Award for best public affairs program. I was one of three camera operators on the shoot and the editor of this long-form program. Dave Beirut was the producer who traveled with us, assisted me with gear at Rahway prison, and wrote & produced this entire piece. Thank you Dave! (58 minutes)

WOODCREST HOMES (facility tours)

Tour through Woodcrest Homes via Steadicam videography. Both the Adams Heritage and the Woodcrest Evergreen facilities are linked here for you to tour.

WHEELS INC (Auction Promo Montage)

Be immersed in the frenzy of a truck auction as Wheels, Inc. processes a string of trucks through the auction block. This is a nice example of how the Steadicam and fast editing keeps the action immediate! (3 minutes)

RACE 4 PEACE CELEBRATION (steadicam contribution)

My good friend Joe Collins hired me to shoot Steadicam for Fellowship Missionary Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana for their annual participation in the Fort 4 Fitness Walk/Run event. 10,000 runners in 3 different races! Amazing event! Editing by Joe Collins.

THE MOTOPLEX (image/music video)

This is an image video I shot and edited for an indoor motorcross facility in northeast Indiana. It was one of the coldest days I can remember outside, while inside I had bikes flying over my head! This is 4 minutes of fast-paced, jaw dropping fun.


I created this video for The League for the Blind and Disabled in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It is another wonderful example of utilizing camera movement to tell a compelling story.
(12 minutes)


Shot live at IPFW, blind celebrity chef Christine Ha is a judge for a cooking contest where contestants are blindfolded while they cook. My son and I operate the live cameras, I created the insert videos and shot the contestant cutouts in the background. Special thanks to IPFW staff and Leo Vogt.
(1 hour 25 minutes)

TRIBUTE TO PAT ROONEY (commemorative tribute video)

After the passing of Indianapolis businessman and philanthropist Pat Rooney I was hired by my friend Martin Schliessmann to help put together this tribute video in honor of his friend and former boss.
(6 minutes)

BRICKWORLD (event video series)

Lego creations on display in all shapes and sizes. This series of videos literally takes you inside some of the most amazing Lego brick exhibits ever made.


A full selection of the musical projects I've been involved with over the last 8 years. Television episodes, concert capture, music videos, promos, and hip-hop are all represented.

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