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PEG PEREGO (12-volt car demos)

This is a full campaign of one minute web videos for Peg Perego. They are the leading manufacturer of toy 12-volt cars and this collection of clips demonstrates their full product line.

IMEL MOTOR SALES (web videos)

This series of videos created to introduce and reinforce what Imel Motor Sales has to offer its customers, as well as email blast, marketing, and sales.

TEDCO TOYS (web videos)

Josh and Tim demonstrate several fun toys and scientific projects from Tedco Toys, a leading manufacturer of scientific toys located in Hagerstown, Indiana. This series of videos I shot & edited is fun and appealing to viewers of all ages.

SYM GYM (demo video)

SymGym is a wonderful new way to combine fitness workout with video game play. It's a fully integrated entertainment and exercise center that everyone can enjoy for fitness and entertainment. (1.5 minutes)

EICHHORN JEWELERS (estate jewelry)

Eileen Eichhorn explains how Eichhorn Jewelry, in Decatur Indiana, evaluates and and reviews estate jewelry (3.5 minutes)

LANDMASTER HYBRID (series of web videos)

This series of web videos was created to help American Sportworks promote their 4-wheel-drive sport utility vehicle--the LandMaster Hybrid. (each clip is 1 to 3 minutes in length)

AMES RESEARCH LABORATORIES (corporate image product demo)

Welcome to a Do It Best product expo with product demonstrations of Ames Research rubber roofing products! A single Steadicam shot captures the bulk of the presentation. (9 minutes)

ROMPER ZOMBIE (Kickstarter campaign)

Romper Zombie is on a mission to take over the world! These ghoulish action figures are the subject of this Kickstarter campaign video and our host, Riis, will tell you all about it!

CEPro & ELECTRONIC HOUSE at CEDIA (series of web videos)

I produced each collection of these web videos in just over 48 hours--including all the shooting on the Expo floor, custom animations, and editing. Everything is original--no "canned" backgrounds.
(each clip is 2 to 5 minutes in length)

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